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We are Pat & Jerry Shields, and we are dog obedience instructors.

Dog Sitting

We would like the opportunity to teach you to train your dog. Once you have lived with a trained dog, you will never be without one.


Between us, we share many years of competitive dog showing and training and have conducted our classes of basic pet control for the general public since 1977. We are both endorsed by the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors and carry credentials from that organization for puppy training through Utility.


We have conducted dog training classes for many of the leading dog organizations in the area including Columbus All-Breed Training Club, Central Ohio Dachshund Club and the Mid-Ohio Chapter of the Owner Handler Association.

Although the majority of our classes consist of basic pet control training for the family dog, we also offer private training for those people who have "special" problems or those who wish to go into competitive showing.

Dog Training

We are, what is termed "soft" trainers, using lots of food and lots of praise as positive motivation and, because of our methods, have had considerable success with puppies as young as twelve weeks in our classes. We make every effort to encourage those young puppy owners to enroll as early as possible. We have also had dogs as old as thirteen years in those same classes. We do not offer "puppy" classes as some do because it has been our experience that the puppies can and will learn in the same environment as the older dogs and, in some cases, learn quicker. Puppies are, however, treated a little differently than the older dogs.


The classes include heeling, or controlled walking at the left side with an automatic sit when the handler stops, a sit, stand, and a lay down on command with a "stay" in each of those positions, and probably the most important, a recall or "come when you call". We also discuss those "personal problems" such as jumping on people, stealing from counters, etc.

Dog Heeling

Classes are held for about one half hour each week for six weeks.

Classes are held several evenings each week.

Dog Showing

On a separate schedule, we mentor those enthusiasts that are interested in competing in "traditional" obedience competition.

These sessions are usually available on a private basis and conducted at the beginner, or Novice level, intermediate, or Open level, up to the advanced or Utility level.


We have had considerable success in this venture with many of our students attaining obedience titles of various levels over a large geographic area.


Please contact us at your convenience at (614) 895-0201, or e-mail us at BdrColy@aol.com

Pat & Jerry Shields, Inc.